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Safe, Functional and Individual – Trends in the Babycare Products Industry

Families seek quality, but also care for design

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Individuality, multifunctionality, safety, design, and sustainability remain to be the key factors when it comes down to developing new babycare products, according to the Kind + Jugend 2014 trends report. These are the seven main trends in product design explained in the document.

1. Furniture - Individual, natural, and flexibly combinable. Children’s furniture of this season is high-quality and manufactured with great attention to detail. Natural materials are still very much en vogue and consumers are looking for products free of harmless substances. Woods such as beech and birch, but also spruce and oak, which are leached, limed, oiled, glazed or varnished are on offer. Light colours with lots of white or grey are an uptrend, also with a satin or matt finish. Retro is booming, as well as modular forms of construction, so that pieces of furniture can be adapted to suit the needs of the children and grow with them.

2. Safe children’s car seats that are comfortable. Apart from starting to adapt to the new EU standard i-Size, guaranteeing an even greater level of safety, car seats are also more comfortable, with more space, legroom, and good view. For seats in 0+ group, manufacturers focus on a good reclining function and are offering new and innovation solutions. Also, firms are offering visual and audible systems that demonstrate the correct installation of the seat.

3. Pushchairs: Multifunctional lightweights. Pushchairs are extremely versatile – sporty, classic, futuristic, elegant or retro-look versions for all tastes, as pushchairs are also an expression of individuality and the owner’s respective lifestyle. They are also lightweight and space-saving, and show special attention on the ergonomics of both adults and children. Manufacturers are catering as well to the wishes of many parents that the prams can be used straight after the child is born.

4. Baby carriers: A wide range of designs. Baby carriers give newborn babies, young and older children a feeling of security, safety and comfort as a result of the various carrying options, and the many new accessories, such as pluck cloths. They come in bright and playful patterns, as well as in striped, Jacquard versions or decorated with graphic patterns.

5. Toys for all the senses. Parents like to stimulate their children as early as possible. Toy manufacturers are accommodating this wish with an array of sophisticated and high-quality products with particular attention to material, safety aspects, and the learning effect. The emphasis is placed on so-called life skills that children can acquire in a playful manner. Also, play, sport and fun aspects are united in many products.

6. Toiletries made of harmless materials. In the hygiene sector, great value has been placed on sustainability and the use of harmless substances. Trendy design, ergonomics and early learning also play an important role. The products also rely on new technologies implemented, modern colours and motifs.

7. Highly detailed textiles. In the entire textile accessory sector, great importance is attributed to quality, comfort, and safety aspects, complying with ecological and biological standards. Cotton, linen and leather, but also materials that are breathable, dirt and water-repellent, washable and lightweight such as mesh, are implemented. Today’s changing bags are not only functional and practical, but also stylish and suitable for versatile utilisation, offering a huge variety of shapes and colours.

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