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Smartphones lead consumers to stores

According to a research by Google and Nielsen

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Mobile devices are an effective tool for increasing visits and purchases, both online and in brick-and-mortar stores, according to the Nielsen and Google research Mobile Search Moments: Understanding How Mobile Drives Conversions.

The report underlines the need for retailers to have a strategy for mobile devices, either by adapting their online store navigation, by offering a dedicated app or by using marketing and advertising mobile campaigns.

According to this report:

- 77% of mobile searches occur at work or at home, although these are environments where we usually have a computer at hand. 2% of all searches take place in the store, a percentage that is doubled when seeking specific information related to shopping.

- 81% of consumers prefer to search on mobile devices because they find it faster and easier.

- 28% of mobile searches results in a conversion: a purchase, a visit to a store or a phone call to a company. 51% of these actions take place up to one hour after the search and 81%, five hours later.

- In fact, 45% of all searches start with a specific goal, especially in the case of those done in a store (64%). In this case, two out of three are made because consumers need specific information for a particular purchase.

- In the case of inquiries made regarding potential purchases, 51% consumers ended up visiting the online store, 25% made a purchase, 24% visited a brick-and-mortar store, 12% called the company and 9% shared their experience with others, both online and offline.

- In fact and for the total of searches, when a consumer uses the mobile to help with a decision, he is 30% more likely to visit a online store, 57% to visit a store, 51% to make a purchase and 31% to call a company.

- 56% of these visits were made through the browser and 38% through an application.

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