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Social consumers profiles

A study by Leo Burnett identifies six types of social networks users and the information they seek

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It is not enough for companies to be present in social networks: firms should provide relevant information and added value, such as a good customer service. In fact and according to the report SocialShop, by the consultancy firm Leo Burnett, 44% of supporters of a brand stop interacting with it because they do not find value in its updates.

Social networks are increasingly being more used, and also in different ways. Companies need to "understand how people use social to shop", so "they can hone their marketing strategies and cater to different shoppers' needs to drive engagement now and in the future," as Masha Sajdeh, senior vice president of strategy at Leo Burnett, explains.

The firm has identified six types of users of social networks:

-The Savvy Passionista, a trend expert that frequently uses social networks to communicate fashion and trends, and to stay connected with his favourite brands.

-The Opportunistic Adventurer, looking for fun and deals. To reach him, the research recommends the use of geolocation applications and the increase of brand visibility in daily deals sites.

-The Quality Devotee, who spends time to decide a purchase, by comparing prices and reading reviews. Companies need to get to these consumers by expert articles and reviews in blog and forums.

-The Strategic Saver, who looks for discounts only for favourite brands and products, without using social networks for other purchases.

-The Efficient Sprinter, who selects the most popular products online to simplify his buying process. For them, Leo Burnett recommends to make all purchasing processes easier, as well as including lists of best sellers by category.

-The Dollar Defaulter, who chooses the cheapest products and is not loyal to any brand at all.

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