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Social recommendations are key to sales

These media generate customer confidence and client loyalty

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Two out of three consumers take into account the opinions of other social networks users before making a purchase, according to a research by the consultancy firm Initec that gathered data from 800 consumers.

In addition, 38% of respondents use social media to ask other consumers for their opinion before a purchase. They also use specialized websites (59%) and blogs (31%). The most used network is Facebook, with 73% of consumers and followed by Twitter (59%) and LinkedIn (52%).

These social media help brands to build trust. 79% of respondents bought a product from a company after following it in some social network, while only 12% made a purchase after a first online contact. For 77% of respondents it is important that brands maintain an ongoing dialogue with their followers.

In fact, these networks are often used as a customer service. In this case, the favorite medium is Twitter (58%), followed by Facebook (39%). This is positive for most people - 65% of consumers that have received been attended through these media explain that their perception of the brand improved, and they also show willingness to purchase again. Customers appreciate that the waiting time is as short as possible (83%) and they are answered through the same platform.

In terms of content, brand followers prefer tips, news and humorous and entertaining content. That is, everything that we like to read and share. 68% of consumers showed a negative opinion about companies that use these media only to talk about their products and offers.

Images are also important as, according to the research, they increase confidence and generate further momentum towards buying, especially in Instagram and Pinterest.

Mobile devices are growing in presence and importance - 46% of consumers connect to networks only via smartphones or tablets. The study also shows that the use of tablets is increasing, as consumers prefer them to phones at home or for shopping.

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