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Spain, a leader in Internet access via mobile phone

The average national of Spain consumption is 13 points more than European average, in total 71%

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The latest Eurobarometer survey confirms that Spain continues to lead consumption smartphones related services. According to their figures, 71% of Spaniards connects to the Internet through your smartphone, is 13% more than the European average (58%).
How are connected the European to internet?
About 64% use laptop or netbook to connect to the network. Who most used these devices for connections are the Danes (79%), Sweden (77%), Belgians, Portuguese (76%) and Finland (75%).
52% of users in the EU is connecting to the Internet via desktop computer, three percentage points less than in the case of the Spaniards. Who most used this device are the Slovenes (63%), Hungarians (61%) and Croats (57%).
For other hand, if we talk about smart tablets: 36% of Europeans are connected online via tablets, percentage as in the case of Spanish increases to 43%. On the other hand, 16% of europeans citizens entering the Internet via smart televisions, two percentage points less than the Spanish.
The contents
The contents most consumed in Spain and in the EU  are music and audiovisual content, such as movies and television content. 56% of Spaniards and 60% of Europeans have accessed or downloaded from Internet music.

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