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Spanish millennials lead the multiscreen consumption

Spain among the five countries where this phenomenon progresses faster

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For 88% of millennials, watching TV lied down at home is no longer synonymous with off. This generation of young people between 18 and 34 combines TV with a second screen, usually their smartphones or tablets, according to a new study on trends in video consumption by Consumer Technology Association. But ¿what purpose they do?

1. Relate

71% of millennials access social platforms to talk to their friends, either to discuss the program you are watching, to talk about anything else.

2. Access to other content for advertising

It seems that they don’t use advertising to go to the bathroom. 70% of them say devote that time to consult other content through their second screen.

But not only millennials watch TV while they are using their mobiles. 61% of the Spanish claims to do so, according to eMarketer. This percentage places Spain among the five countries in Europe where the phenomenon of the second screen moves faster.

Consumers recognize that in addition to using social networks or consult content, they also spend their free time in front of television playing or making purchases online through mobile applications.

Despite the increasingly noticeable and intrusive presence of new devices for communication and entertainment, 77% of respondents say they still prefer television to audiovisual consumption, mainly due to its size (80%) and image quality (62%), according to the CTA.

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