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Tablet users buy more and more often

Tablets are consolidating as an important shopping channel

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M-commerce continues to grow worldwide, but especially through tablets, according to a study by the consultant firms Forrester and Shop.org. This research suggests that tablet users buy more often and also with an average cost per order: 28% higher than smartphone purchases.

This makes sense as smartphone purchases are usually done while traveling or in case of need, as last-minute purchases. Although tablets allow a high degree of mobility as well, 96% of owners also use them at home. This confirms that tablets are not stealing hours of phone use, but mainly of computer use.

According to Forrester, only in the US there will be 60 million tablets owners at the end of 2012, a growing market that should be taken into account by online retailers. In 2011 online sales through tablets reached 3% of total sales, while 1.5% of purchases done via smartphone.

These data are in line with other studies such as one published by Zmags and Equation Research, that pointed out that 49% of tablet owners expect to use more these devices for shopping this year, while the percentage drops to 19% for smartphones owners.

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