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The 10 global consumer trends in 2015

Consumers want to optimise the use of their time and sharing instead of owning

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The market analysis firm Euromonitor International published its annual report on the top consumer trends for 2015.

The top 10 trends are listed below:

1. Buying convenience: Maximize the time is increasingly important to consumers, so they will tend to purchase products and services that optimize the use of it.

2. Malls and shopping centers in community mode: urban areas where people live, work and spend leisure time all together are increasingly popular.

3. Privacy matters: consumers are more attentive to the protection of their data, therefore brands will offer them privacy.

4. Consumption as a route to progress: the responsible consumption of goods and services and the idea of living in a better world are increasingly present among consumers.

5. Influencers, more like us: celebrities will no longer be the only influencers when shopping. Bloggers will also influence on consumer issues, such as fashion and lifestyle.

6. Share and collaborate: the "sharing economy" is growing and people are more interested in gaining access to goods and services rather than being the owners.

7. The Millennials: they are the consumers of today, young people connected 24/7 to their smartphones. According to Euromonitor, they were already 2.6 billion people aged 12-32 years globally in 2013.

8. Shopping the world: the trend of shopping online to obtain products from abroad will continue to grow. In 2015, many consumers will be making a holiday of shopping, or at least making shopping tourism a major part of their holiday by choosing a base near key shopping areas.

9. Virtual to real and back: omnichannel shopping is the most obvious consumption-related instance, and consumers are showing their appreciation for the improved online and offline retail buying experience this offers them.

10. Wired and well, connected health: healthy living is a priority for consumers and they are using more and more digital applications to achieve it.

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