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The consumer sector remains steady in 2016

The market grows 1,8% compared to the last exercise

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According to the report ‘Balance and Forecasts on the Consumer Sector 2016’, created by the consultor Kantal Worldpanel, the consumer sector will maintain its market volume in 2016, going on with the registered trends during 2015. However, the market has grown compared the last exercise (1,8%), due to the prices increasing in the last months.

The report shows the trends that, consumers and consume has stand during the last year and will mark the sector evolution in a mid term. One of the main trends that we can see in that study is a more optimistic consumer, open minded regarding the changes, apart from big distribution fresh products war and the europeanization of the Spanish consumers in terms of alimentary consume.

Consumers show optimism

“The consumer sector is a complex and sensitive segment, but if there is no surprise in the next months, we can hope a very steady year within the sector, something related with the population standstill, as well as with the consumer habits changes”, explains César Velencoso, Consumer Insights Director of Kantal Worldpanel.

Regarding to the consumer, they are starting to get over the economic crisis as well as show an improving in their consumer perception. 37,5% of the families tell that they are spending more money in the supermarket (+3,3% compared to 2014), 25,2% explains that the crisis has not affected their lifestyle and investments (+6,3%). Moreover, 3,4% of them assures have leaved apart the fact of worrying about the extra spending as well as having reduced some of their anti crisis measures.

Step by step, consumers will trust on the consumer sector again, as well as be more demanding with the products they buy and the establishments they decide to visit.

Distribution trends

The keys that will stand out in the big consume sector within the next months will remain being the development of e-commerce, the war to make business in the fresh sections and the decision to support or not the distribution brands. The last one has remained, for the third consecutive year, around 33,9% in the market, the same figure it will show during 2016.

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