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The licensing maintains its importance within the toy industry

Licenses as Frozen, Ninja Turtles, Star Wars or Minions be dominate the international market

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The toy market in Europe and the United States is changing of paradigm: the children´s game is shortened, there is a preference for gadgets and ecommerce proceeds unchecked. In the toy industry, the licensed product has a significant weight. In the six most important European markets for the toy industry, Mr. article represents an average of 24.4% of the total market share although this varies depending on the country. In Spain this share is much higher and reaches 30% of the total.

The most popular licenses for countries:
As in 2014, the characters of Disney Frozen represent a very important part of the licensing business, also licenses such as Minions, Ninja Turtles, Star Wars or Paw Patrol. If we look at countries: in Germany, the top licensing is How to Train Your Dragon, Frozen, Mia & Me, Minions, Paw Patrol, Star Wars and superheroes of Marvel and DC Comics; in Belgium, the ranking is Violetta, Frozen, Cars, Planes, Paw Patrol, Ninja Turtles and  Minions; in Spain, we find Star Wars, superheroes of Marvel and DC Comics, Minions, and for girls, Frozen, Peppa Pig, Cinderella and Descendants; in US, we have Frozen and Ninja Turtles; in Sweden, the most popular are Frozen, Ninja Turtles, Doc MucStuffin and Skylanders; and in Poland the most relevant are Star Wars, Cars, Planes, Disney Princess, Angry Birds, Frozen, Winnie the Pooh, Monster High, My Little Pony and Mickey and Friends.

Kids more adults and born in the digital age:
The generations born in the twenty-first century have grown up surrounded by electronic gadgets making it difficult to separate the technology game. This change is reflected in the preferences of the kids.
Thus, the gambling age is reduced and the children become adults faster. "Manufacturers have detected these trends are combining classic toys with electronic components, which can help your creative development," said Scarlett Wisotzki, editor of the German magazine Das Spielzeug.

Online commerce grows:
Ecommerce is another factor that is influencing the toy sector significantly. In the United States, for example, sales through the Internet have greatly affected the toy industry. There are fewer independent retailers because as online sales portals like Amazon offer lower prices and delivery facilities. Moreover, adds Breyer, editor of The Toy Book, "There is no indication that the ecommerce go to stop. Retailers should strengthen its activity offering unique services and variety of items to attract customers."
In Europe, ecommerce is slower than in the US but also growing every year and is affecting sales of traditional toys.
You can find the complete analysis at number 66 of the magazine Licenses

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