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The number of mobile addicts is growing

12.6% of mobile users fall into this group

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There are 176 million mobile addicts in the world, according to a study from Flurry that collects data from 500,000 apps used in 1.3 billion devices. The number has increased by 123% since 2013 and it appears that many of these addicts will also use "wearables" such as smartwatches. Here are some data about this trend, which is an alert message about how much we use our phones but also, let’s admit it, information on a growing market.

- The average mobile consumer checks their device 150 times a day. Assuming we spend 16 hours awake a day, this means that we check our phones more than nine times every hour.

- Although it is likely that we do not sleep as much as eight hours every day in part because of mobile devices. According to a study by the University of Hertfordshire, 80% of adults use computers and mobile devices before bedtime. The blue light from screens makes our brains believe that it is still day time, so our metabolism accelerates and it becomes more difficult to sleep well. In consequence, the number of Britons who claimed to have trouble sleeping increased by 50% between 2013 and 2014.

- 56% of mobile consumers launch apps 10 times per day. 31.4%, between 16 and 60. 12.6%, more than 60 times. The latter group is the fastest growing: 123% between 2013 and 2014, reaching 176 million worldwide.

- This group is the one identified as "mobile addicts." 48% are men and 52% are women. However, if we consider that mobile users are 52% male and 48% female, there are 15 million more women than men among the 176 million addicts.

- The groups with the highest percentage of addicts are those of 13 to 17 years and 18 to 24 years, and the most over-represented are those between 35-54 years, as they reach 28% of addicts but only 20% of average users. However, the study suggests that this is likely because their devices are shared by other family members, especially children.

- Women addicted to mobiles can be identified as mothers, fond of video games and sports fans. As for men, they are fathers, car enthusiasts, gamers and online shoppers.

- The study also points out some facts about wearables. So far, most of them are fitness related, but this trend is spreading to smartwatches and glasses. According to the study, the developers of these products should take into consideration the interests of mobile addicts, who are their probable customers. Therefore, they are teenagers, college students, and parents interested in video games, cars, sports and shopping, and who need to entertain their kids.

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