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The retail keeps on growing in Spain

The visitors in stores grew 1,8% between January and march

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The Spanish retail sector keeps on showing a good rhythm and recovering after a crisis period, according to the ‘Global Shopper’ report made by FootFall. In that sense, the study locates the Spanish market as the second one in terms of affluence increasing in Europe during the first trimester of the year, following Ireland.

Spain, over European’s average
Concretely, Spain has registered an increasing of 1,8% regarding to those visitors who attended the stores between January and march this year compared to the same period in the previous year. In the other side, Ireland’s increasing has been 2,2%, something which is very different from countries such as Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom (+0,7%) or France (+0,9%).

Sharp growing after all

According to the FootFall analysis, the retail market increased in Spain 3,9% year-on-year in February, meanwhile in January the growing was 3,3%. From the study, it is also deduced in spite of the political uncertainty, the poor work market, the high unemployment tax and so the fall of the consumer confidence, the Spanish economy is recovering thanks to that little rises in the different sectors.

Ezequiel Durán, regional manager in Spain and Portugal of FootFall, assure that “the Spanish economy keeps on emerging, at the same time that political uncertainties are slowing down that increasing”, then he adds that “the lack of a steady government since last December is affecting the public and private investment, and so the consumer confidence went back the first three months of the year”.

“Even though, a prosperous PIB which grows 3,4% year-on-year and so the decreasing of the unemployment tax maintains the retail activity in positive figures in terms of sales and traffic, till increasing 1,8% the first trimester of the year, according to the Index”, concludes Durán.

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