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The seven e-commerce emerging markets

Russia, Brazil, China, Germany, Sweden, Italy, and France would be the most promising online markets

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When we talk about emerging markets, we refer to countries that are undergoing rapid economic growth, such as the BRIC ( Brazil, Russia , India and China). In regard to e-commerce, the similarities are not absolute, as a pronounced growth in this area needs infrastructures and a consumer culture that these countries sometimes do not have.

Taking into account both economic and technological factors, Gestsocio has identified seven major emerging markets for electronic commerce.

- Russia has 26.2 million digital buyers, with an average expenditure of $670 per year. The market value is of $17.500 billion. Internet penetration is 53.3%. Russians buy mostly household items, books and electronic products.

- Brazil: 26.7 million digital buyers spend an average of $741 and form a market of $19.8 billion. Internet penetration is 49.8%. E-commerce is growing at a double-digit pace, thanks to the 2014 FIFA world cup, and focuses primarily on electronics, books and fashion, along with coupons sites.

- China: there are 271 million online shoppers in a market that is worth $181 billion. Each consumer buys online for an average of $670 per year. Internet penetration is 42%. China is expected to be the largest online marketplace in the world by the end of 2014 .

- Germany: the market is valued at $53 billion dollars. Although it has a relatively small number of buyers (43.3 million) internet penetration is in 84% ​​and the average annual expenditure is of $1,224. German consumers use the internet to buy fashion, media, music and images. 21% of their budget goes to online shopping. They pay more attention to recommendations than to prices.

- Sweden is a small market (valued at $7.3 billion, with 4.5 million online shoppers), but internet penetration is at 94% and the average expenditure is of $1,627 per year and per head. 88% of Swedish internet users have an an online bank account. 95% of consumers aged 18-29 shop online.

- In Italy there are 13 million online shoppers who spend $1,522 a year, forming a market worth $19.8 billion. Internet penetration is of 58%. Italians buy mostly leisure, travel, fashion and consumer electronics, looking for discounts and using social networks .

- France: $1,316 is the average expenditure for each of the 28.1 million digital buyers. The market is valued at $37 billion and internet penetration is of 83%. Mobile and tablets commerce has doubled in 2012. The French still prefer traditional shopping, as they consider it more relaxing, and they use the internet for travels, services, books and music.

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