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The seven eCommerce trends that have triumphed during 2016

A study by The Drum analyzes what forecasts have been met, as well as the trends that have become reality during this last year

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Once we reach the end of the year, it is also time to make predictions about what is going to happen in the next, and to know what has happened during the previous year. Thus, with electronic commerce as one of the phenomena that have marked (and will mark) future trends; a study by The Drum analyzes what forecasts have been met, as well as the trends that have become a reality during this past year.

Responsive design in an increasingly mobile world
Although this theme is referred to as a trend, the truth is that it’s becoming a reality that is absolutely indispensable for any brand. As The Drum report indicates, it ‘s becoming virtually impossible for any online firm not to adapt to customers who access from the mobile.

In this regard, as the study reveals, every e-commerce web platform must be fully responsive (sales of mobile phones and tablets now account for more than 51% of all e-commerce sales in the UK): “so you have to start studying the metrics of the customer experience and focus on those problems of use that can be caused.”

The speed of the network as a key point
The importance of the speed of navigation has become one of the most important requirements on the part of the users. Being able to offer a fast loading web has thus become almost an obligation for any brand. In this sense, becoming a fast portal can even make a big difference with the competition.

Thus, The Drum ensures how a British website managed to improve its results by 8 million pounds thanks to a 0.3 second reduction of its load time.

Usability test and shopping experience
Turning now into a key element, testing with consumers has become a basic phenomenon that has been proven to work. So, as the study mentions, we often ignore certain things when we work on the same website over a long period of time, and this causes new and existing customers to get lost or frustrated. "Using services such as User Testing.com and HotJar to monitor customer experiences and adjust based on results should be a continuous focus for your website," the report reveals.

Unique and personal experience
Customizing a customer experience using product recommendations and data driven suggestions is nothing new. However, it has never been easier for small businesses to make use of this technology. In fact, this point has been proven to increase the average order value, the electronic commerce conversion rate and the number of returning customers. Meanwhile, the abandonment of the car and the time of purchase decreases.

Fast delivery
Although it has been shown that the current consumer is willing to buy online it’s also reflected that he does not like too much waiting. Thus, the great trend that has been successful during the year 2016 is that of deliveries on the same day. In fact, customers are starting to expect this service, and as delivery is one of the biggest drop-off points in a payment process, "it pays to give customers the options they are looking for," as reported by The Drum.

The importance of specialization
Thanks to the web, you can reach very specific market niches, with very specific products, a trend that has been established as the basis of many brands during this year 2016. In this sense, the phenomenon of crowdfunding begins to be the beginning of Many companies, which makes them know their audience very well, having established a link from the beginning.

Food has arrived at eCommerce
Although the food industry in general didn’t seem to connect with online consumers, that phenomenon has changed. During 2016, food has become one of the most important trends of the year: more and more food services, as well as food, which generate a link with the customer.

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