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The use of mobile phones grows in Spain

Brands should focus on the new communication strategies

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The company TNS Spain presented, last January, a new call of its study Connected Life, a report which publishes since a few years ago in order to sum up the main trends regarding to new technologies and connected devices.

The results of this study show that mobile phone keeps on consolidating as the winner device, a fact which has influence on the consume sector and “should be the core concept in the brands strategy”, according to Alberto Relaño, director of TNS Spain.

Smartphone is the king

Regarding to the penetration of the different devices, smartphones and tablets are the devices which have grown the most, reaching a rising of 10 percentage points. Meanwhile, computer and table devices sales evolution is blocking up in the most of countries in the world.

In the whole world, 8 of each 10 consumers owns a smartphone, meanwhile 6 of each 10 owns a laptop and 5 of each 10 owns a tablet, the same percentage as table computers. In that sense, globally, there are more countries which are focused on the mobile phone and less which are focused on the computer.

Spain, on the leadership of the devices using

Spain is one of the richest countries in terms of technological penetration: 93% of smartphones, 75% of laptops, 63% of table computers and 57% of tablets. Further, Spain is one of the leader countries in the ranking of television using, with a frequency of 82%, compared to the world 74%. In that sense, Spain is close to the global average in the use of Smart Tv (28%), something which is different in terms of cable Tv, with a 25% of penetration, compared to the overall 40%.  

To sum up, Spain is a multidevice country, focused on the use of smartphones, a device with the one spends more time. According to TNS Spain, internautas spend 5,20 hours per day using devices (2,30 hours using the computer, 2,10 hours using the smartphone and 0,8 hours using the tablet).


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