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This is how today’s parents are

According to a research by AIJU

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Today’s parents today have a special relationship with technology and sustainability, according to a research by María Costa, Director of Child Research at AIJU, published by AEI, an association of Spanish innovative enterprises addressed to children and families.

These four parents’ profiles are:

1. Active Parenting: families who claim parenting as a unique experience. They value all parenting theories and methodologies, choosing the most adequate. They are very active through blogs and social media, and they can become prescribers within their community.

2. Fashion Parenting refers to those parents for whom fashion is integral to their lifestyle. They follow fashion and trends, and this becomes a status indicator. This behaviour also extends to everything that has to do with the baby universe. They follow parenting models through the advice of relatives, specialized media, and brands.

3. Techno Geek Parenting shows how technology can be used for raising kids. These parents are very receptive to technologic devices and innovation in their daily relationship with their children, but sometimes this can lead them to adopt obsessive behaviours. Their job as parents is simplified by last generation apps and baby products.

4. Rational Parenting refers to urban parents who have delayed parenthood to achieve economic stability and have focused on their profession. They are more thoughtful and practical parents who are not willing to abandon their professional careers. This maturity makes them select products according to both aesthetic and functional criteria because when they form a family, home becomes a place of reference in their lives.

This study has been published after two years of social and market research, visits to fairs and industry vendors, consulting more than 300 sources, and through a specific survey of 500 Spanish families.

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