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Where should you put the price of the products?

A study confirms that the order of presentation of the product and price makes a difference on the consumer

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Should you put the price first or last? What is going before; the product or its price? Does this have any importance in consumer behavior?

There is now an answer to these questions of marketing thanks to a study created by Uma R Karmakar, Baba Shiv and Brian Knutson; they have decided to evaluate how subjects react to order that the product description and price are presented, confirming that the order of presentation makes a difference.

For the experiment, the participants had $ 40 to spend as they were seen in their activity . Thus, it has been shown that when the price is displayed before the product has a different brain response to which it has when the order of the factors changes.

When the price goes first

In general, when the customer perceives the price before the product, it focuses on whether the product is worthwhile or not be bought. In this regard, as stated in the study, if what we want is that the offer is evaluated mainly by the value it offers, the price is what should appear first. Thus, the consumer will focus on the value rather than the small details of the product.

When the product is first
As it confirmed by the study, when the price appears after the product, the customer focuses on the product if he/she likes it or not, emphasizing the desire. In this case, luxury brands and retailers who need to focus on the product and what is desirable, should prioritize the order in which the product appears first.

Thus, if you are looking to sell something the customer wants, the product must be first with an apparent very inconspicuous price.

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