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Market Research


More than 40 brands will lead the sector this year in Spain

Chosen by agents and owners interviewed by "Licencias Actualidad" magazine


Agents and owners who have attended the inquiry by "Licencias Actualidad" magazine have highlighted over forty properties that are intended to influence the licensing market in 2015.

In a year when it seems that a slight economic recovery will take place, these brands will add value and strengthen sales of products in all categories. Some of these licenses are already known from other years, but new names come on the scene. In addition, classical licenses are still going strong. The entertainment is still an important source of properties, particularly those aimed at children.

The brands are presented in the boxes on the right, classified by their main target and source.

A detailed analysis of these properties, performed by agents and owners, is in the 14-page report that can be found in the latest edition of the magazine "Licencias Actualidad". Subscribe!

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