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"Licenses represent 50% of our turnover"

Interview with Luis Miquel Molleví, CEO of Miquelrius


  Miquelrius is a company dedicated to the production and commercialization of paper products for professionals and students. It was founded in 1839 in Barcelona and, thanks to its experience and long history, it has well adapted to the changing tastes of 21st century consumers.

- Being a centenary company, how do you see the big changes that have happened in the stationery industry? Specifically, how have you adapted to the latest fashions of scrapbooks, product customization and Do It Yourself?
Following our slogan "Expressing Emotions" and in order to get each user to express their own way, we have opted for product customization. It is a worldwide trend. The first step was the Evolution collection, notebooks with unique interiors designed in detail according to the utility you want to give to them.

The second step was online, developing the website www.personalizatucuaderno.com, which allows users to customize the covers and interiors of their notebooks through four simple steps. The last step was the launch of the collection DIY (Do it Yourself) in which, following the craft trends, we have created four packs with different styles to customize the covers of a notebook.

- How many countries do you supply and what percentage of your turnover belongs to exports? Are you planning to expand into new markets in 2015?
Currently we supply over 60 countries in 5 continents. Exports represent 35% of our sales. Our main market is the United States where we have a subsidiary since 2001. Portugal is another market where we are well established.

- ¿Are all your products manufactured in Parets del Vallés or do you have more factories around the world?
Currently, 90% of our products are made in our factory in Parets.

- The company manufactures both under its own brand and with licenses. What percentage of your production belongs to licenses at this moment? Is this a growing market for you? Do you plan to expand your portfolio with new properties in 2015?

Licences represent 50% of our turnover nowadays. We aim to keep this percentage and have a portfolio of different and attractive products where Miquelrius brand, with over 175 years of history, continues to have a prominent place.

Looking to 2015, we will continue with our flagship licenses: Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Jordi Labanda and Kukuxumusu, in addition to the superheroes of the Justice League, Brazilian pop artist Britto and the relaunch of the legendary motorcycle brand Bultaco. As a novelty we have Marc Márquez, the motorcycling pilot who breaks all records.

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