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“The international leap is the reason of our growing”

Interview to Javier Gimeno, CEO of Kids Licensing


Kids Licensing picks the heritage of Kids Euroswan, a company which is been more than thirty years working in the licensing business and finding the new trends of the market in different sectors such as toys, stationery, gifts and clothes. In the last years, the company has been characterized by a strong evolution in different levels, as well as for its international step.
    According to Javier Gimeno, CEO of Kids Licensing, the company decided to carry out a image change in order to notice the world this big evolution. “With a fresher, more current and more dynamic image we try to transmit the best spirit of our corporation, which we pretend to pass on our costumers”. The full interview is available in the Licencias Actualidad January/March magazine.

- How does the company structure is?

- Our company counts with a huge human team which is constantly growing according to our business evolution. Thanks to the interaction of our different departments (purchases, sales, production, finance, design, etc.) we get a work flux which allow us handle with the different request of a very competitive market.
    Currently we got three headquarters (central offices, design department and an office in the city of Hong Kong) in which there are a total of 27 people working. Furthermore, this year we have done a big step moving our logistics to a external platform which gives us a bigger agility in the arrivals and departures of the merchandise. With this change we pretend to get a bigger speed in the delivery of the products to our customers, not only national ones, but also international clients.

- In terms of distriburion, ¿do you consider that the company bets on “secure licenses”? ¿How do you do for keeping up to date them about the news?
- Overall, betting on news is always difficult, but a huge part of our work and tasks is promote new initiatives and generate movement in the sector. We always dedicate part of our resources to some initiatives which are not well known, because our customers trust us and our experience in this business. Moreover, all of our news, not only secure licenses, but also new bets, appear immediately in our online store. In the other hand, we also create catalogues for seasons and also specific catalogues for each license, and we make them accessible through our website, and we communicate it with massive emails and direct messages to the customers. Also we create a physic version of these catalogues, and we distribute them in trade fairs, because they are tools which our clients show gratitude for a lot.

- Which goals have you determined as a company in a short, medium and long term?

- Our goals are based on keep with our international expansion project, that is why we tend to sign more licensing deals and partnerships in territories out of Spain, due to have a bigger presence in these countries. In the national level, I think we are a consolidated company within the market, that is why our presence is important in different sectors. Also, we have an important edge of growing in the big distribution, in which we are focusing part of our new projects and ideas.

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