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“The Licensing market in Spain is more saturated than in other countries”

Juanjo Conde, Brights Iberia general director


  Brights is an independent Licensing agency which distributes multimedia content for children and families. This Cypriot company has its headquarters in Greece and has recently open a branch in Spain and Portugal, under the name Brights Iberia. Its CEO, Juanjo Conde, has more than 10 years of expertise in the field.

Which are the strengths of Brights?
Brights Iberia was born with a really clear philosophy. Our team seeks to provide a complete service to all our clients. Therefore, we distribute TV contents, coordinate the elaboration of strategies between all agents and create a personalized marketing plan for every brand. Having worked with many different brands and in foreign markets, we have a unique expertise which we share with our clients in order to solve any problem.

Moreover, we seek to open up our markets, as our branch in Greece shows. It represents the rights of M & L of Warner Consumer Products in Greece, Cyprus, Nigeria, Rumania and Bulgaria. Through that, we gain expertise and we are able to find new opportunities.  

Your company represents children licenses such as Slugterra (Nerd Corps), Suzy’s Zoo, Little Suzy's Zoo and Strange Hill High. Which criteria do you follow to get licenses in Spain?
Being realistic, we try to adjust to the market’s demand. We take into account the competition and our strengths.  In order to analyse the market’s demand, we focus on the sources of information. Those are important to know which products are available currently, which products will be and who will manufacture and distribute them.

Besides this, regarding the supply, although we try to diversify risks with different targets and brands, we focus on the brands that we think will be successful. For that very reason, we believe our brands’ quality is much more important than the number of brands we hold.  We do not seek to have lots of brands, we just aspire to have the ones we can control and take good care of.

Which are your expansion plans in Spain?
First of all, our TV licensing portfolio is going to be completed by targeting pre-schoolers and children 6 to 9. Moreover, design brands are going to be added. Indeed, two of them will be announced at the beginning of the year. Secondly, we are looking for long-term and strategic alliances in the market.  We are seeking to work hand in hand with producers and TV channels. By working on the projects from the beginning, we want to invest in long-term partnerships. Finally, we will continue diversifying our distributions services by increasing our entertainment and fiction contents for TV, as we have already started with Magnificent Century. It is a historical novel with Turkish production which has already had more than 200 million viewers in the Middle East, Asia and recently, Latin America.

How is the Spanish Licensing market in comparison with other international markets?
In comparison with other markets, the Licensing market in Spain is more saturated and impatient. Due to the fact that there are more free TV channels, there are also many more licences than the ones the market could take.  What is more, there are some targets which have lower saturation limits, such as pre-schoolers. In those cases the market is polarized in only one or two brands.  In addition, the market needs constant novelties, shortening brands’ life expectancy and diminishing benefits.

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