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A new licensing agency is born in Spain

Marcrom Licensing has got its head office in Barcelona


A group of Spanish professionals with experience on the licensing sector has decided to create a new agency, Marcrom Licensing. The company offers a catalogue where there are the main brands of the licensing world, amongst there are different Spanish celebrities such as Belén Esteban, Terelu Campos or Boris Izaguirre; corporative brands such as La Liga or Munich; and international brands like Kokonuzz.

Among the professionals who have created Marcrom, there is Ivan Marco, with a experience of over 15 years in the licensing world, 11 of them dedicated to head different manager teams in the promotions and retail areas of the agency Biplano. In the other hand, Conchita Romero, with experience in the international sector, is taking part of the team of the new agency as well.

Marcrom will work in order to bring an adding value to the licensing product sector and give advice to those professionals who want to know the sector and promotional markets.

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