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An Oscar for ‘Inside Out’

The Pixar production received the best animation film award


The movie ‘Inside Out’, directed by Pete Docter and Ronnie del Carmen, has won its trophy in the ceremony for the best animation movie, category which joined The Oscars Awards in 2001. The film, nominated also for best original script, has been one of the biggest challenges in the history of their directors: it talks about the intern and emotional process of a girl, Riley, who have to adapt a new life after moving to another city with her family and tries out different emotions, including the sadness. “Its is a film for 46 years old kids”, assure Docter and del Carmen referring to its production.

In the movie, emotions appear as geometric basic forms: a square (the anger), a circle (the sadness), a triangle (the disgust), a sun draw (the happiness) and a twisted line similar to a question mark (the fear). In the design process, each character was drawn hundred times, but, finally, Pixar got that the public fell in love with them.

The production was premiered in June 2015 and was received by the public with positive critics and comments. Moreover, the movie collected 850 million dollar over the world and, only the weekend of the premiere, it has already collected 90,4 million, breaking a record as an original film. Apart from its nomination in the Oscars Ceremony 2016, it won a Gold Globe, a Cinematographic Critic Award and the Annie Award for the best animation film.

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