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Arait Multimedia will represent Japanese animation series Yo-Kai Watch in Spain

It is one of the most watched animated series on TV Tokyo and his game has sold more than 8 million units


Viz Media Europe, specialized in managing marketing development and distribution of Japanese animation and manga in Europe, Middle East and Africa Humac, has appointed Arait Multimedia licensing agent for Yo-Kai Watch in Spain. Yo-Kai Watch is on the top of the animated series most watched by children 4 to 12 years in TV TOKYO. In addition to the success of hearings and 2 billion euros sold in merchandising, Nintendo video game for 3DS has sold over 8 million units and sales of the retail channel, thanks to the fans of the series, have increased these figures with selling manga, games and music, among others.

Watch Yo- Kai recounts the adventures of a boy named Nate, who has a special clock that encourages you to discover mysteries beings called Yo-Kai. He'll try to find out why misbehave hoping to make them see reason. After its premiere on Disney XD in USA, the series will come to Europe and will be broadcast on major television networks. For its part, Nintendo has released the first game of the series on November 6, 2015 in USA, will follow Europe in 2016. The line of toys for Yo-Kai Watch will be released in 2016 by the hand of his Master Toy, Hasbro. In Spain, where the series will be issued soon, Arait Multimedia manages the licensing program.

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