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Co-branding deal between Calaveritas and The Simpsons

The Spanish Maya Studio reaches an agreement with FOX to turn The Simpsons into ‘calaveritas’


The Spanish Maya Studio has signed a deal with Fox to turn The Simpsons into ‘calaveritas’. This deal, presented in the Brand Licensing Europe, will bring the Simpsons ‘calaveritas’ to all Europe, when originally in was only expected to bring this new license to Mexico and South America. The style guide defined by Matt Groening (author of The Simpsons) was completed in August. According to Javier Molner, managing director of Maya Studio, "this agreement allows a fresh change to classical properties. It is a restyling"

Currently, both Maya Studio and FOX are working together to develop a licensing program in categories such as backpacks, textiles and toys, and it is expected other licensed products to be sell in a near future. According to Molner,"this agreement allows us to expand the brand worldwide and have a backup of large companies that rely on our work”.

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