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Disney closes a record trimester thanks to Star Wars sales

The quarterly profit of the company grew 32% reaching 2.880 million dollar


The success of the Star Wars saga seventh call has been the main motor in the Disney improving. The biggest company on the entertainment industry loss a fourth part of its value in six months due to the doubts about the television business. Although, with the arrival of the cinematographic star of the year the company got to remount and obtain 32% more of quarterly benefit, till reaching the record figure of 2.880 million dollar. The film which has returned the confidence to the company was premiered last 18th December broking all the collection records, with more than 2.000 million dollar in just a month and a half. “The extraordinary success of Star Wars allowed us to have the best benefit in the history of the company”, assures Robert Iger, delegate councillor.   

Disney has not reveal yet the generated figure thanks to the movie through the licensed products; but companies such as Hasbro has already presented their results. In the case of this toy company, 35% of the sales import is attributed to the property Star Wars, which started being sold in September.

The Walt Disney Company will continue exploiting this property with the premiere of the second episode of the trilogy in December 2017, which will be complemented in 2019 with the third call.  


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