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Frozen Musical to hit Broadway in 2018

The movie which obtained 1,28 billion dollar wants now its success in the theatre


The Disney company announced that the musical comedy inspired in the movie Frozen will premiere in Broadway in 2018. Premiered in 2013, Frozen is situated in the list of the movies which has collected more money in the cinema history, reaching the 1.270 million dollar in the whole world. Disney stand out that both music and lyrics of the chow songs will be written by Kristen Anderson-López and Robert López, authors of the original film themes.

The Disney exploitation director, Tom Staggs, announced that apart from the musical show and the second part of the movie, Frozen will also inspire a TV film which will hit screens in Christmas 2017.

With this musical which will hit the Broadwat stages in 2018, Forzen will join othe children classics which jumped from the secreens to the big theatres, such as ‘The Beauty and the Beast’, ‘The little Mermaid’, ‘Mary Poppins’, ‘Aladdin’ or ‘The Lion King’.

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