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Heidi joins Earth Hour

The kindest character joins the WWF campaign to fight for the global warming


Heidi will attend the Earth Hour, the initiative launched by the organization WWF for the care of the environment, thanks to an agreement between the entertainment contents company Planeta Junior and WWF Spain. This way, the kind character, well known amongst parents and children will join the symbolic blackout next Saturday 19th march from 20:30 to 21:30, local hour of each country, in order to bring together millions of people and fight for the global warming.

Through the children section of the Earth Hour, The Kids Hour, children can download draws and papers to colour the natural landscapes where she always walks accompanied by Pedro, Clara and the Granny in the TV series. Moreover, the social networks will promote different advices from Heidi in order t take care of the environment, such as the responsible use of the water or the tree restoration.

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