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Maya Studio relies on television

The company has two new properties: HighSkull and Fables


Maya Studio plans the creation of a television series, HighSkull, this year. The series and pilot episode is currently in the works and the company expects to present it in the next Cartoon Forum. Javier Molner, manager of the company, says that "we are now working both on the characters and the scripts. The idea is to create a universe of Little Skulls, where we will give free rein to our creativity". He adds that "the licensee likes the graphic concept we are using and there is also interest in the brand, whether or not it is brought to television. The first collection of textiles is to be signed for USA and Mexico markets, and I think we will see HighSkull product in several international markets this summer".

Besides this, in the latest edition of Licensing Expo in Las Vegas Maya Studio presented Fables, which is based on fairy tales which we have grown with but but giving them a "MayaStudio" twist. They transform all characters into skulls. This product will be mainly targeted for girls up to 7 years.

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