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Peppa Pig bets on the Earth Hour

The children's TV series joins the campaign to fight against global warming


Earth Hour is the campaign that WWF (World Wildlife Fund) carries out in all over the world in order to move against the climate change and global warming. Due to start this initiative, the foundation will count with the help of a very animated character, Peppa Pig, the main character on the eOne popular series, launched in the Clan channel, from RTVE. This way, the most kind and famous pig of the television will give advice to the little ones about how to live in a sustainable way and get to a less emissions world.

Through a video, the Pig family will show the little ones some important habits which help fighting against the climate change, such as riding a bike instead of take the car, seed trees and, specially, turn off the light next Saturday March 19th, from 20:30 to 21:30. This will be the Earth Hour. In the WWF campaign website, kids will find activities and games thought for them, as well as a poster they can download.  One of the goals of this initiative is to make the children feel conscious about the importance on the earth sustainability.

The popular character not only will join the virtual campaign, but also will attend, with her friend Panda, the big party that WWF will celebrate in Madrid the Saturday 19th march too.

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