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Planeta Junior to represent Nutri Ventures in Europe

The series promotes healthy eating


Planeta Junior, a company specialized in production and distribution of audiovisual content for children, expands its portfolio of properties with Nutri Ventures, a TV series that promotes healthy eating habits. The company will manage TV, licensing, and merchandising rights in much of Europe, including Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Albania, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Turkey.

The series, owned by the Portuguese firm Watermelon, has 80 episodes and combines action and comedy, in addition to the educational component focused on nutrition. The property also features a digital platform addressed to children and with exclusive content.

Diego Ibañez, Commercial International Director at Planeta Junior, stressed that this agreement "means working with the first children's brand in the world that exclusively promotes healthy eating. Undoubtedly, we can develop a large licensing programme for this property."

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