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Privalia and Disney announce partnership

The agreement of both creates the Disney Corner, a space focused on the movie premieres


The online fashion website Privalia and The Walt Disney Company get together in order to launch its first Disney Corner, a children online section focused exclusively to the Disney products sale and which is located in the website and so on Privalia’s app. The new division, launched last April 5th, will be opened three times per year, times which coincide with the premiere of three important and waited for films of the company. This way, the premieres will give a singular thematic and promotion to each Disney Corner. This new section will be active from two to three weeks and will count with a previous promotion, as well as an exclusive animated movie advancement.

The first Privalia Disney Corner, already available for the web customers, is premiered with the launching of the sequel of the movie Alice through the looking glass, one of the most waited for movies of 2016 starred by Mia Wasikowska and Johnny Depp. In this occasion, the online outlet will launch special sales with the raffle of free cinema tickets for the premiere day, next may 26th. Moreover, the electronic sales website wants to celebrate this launching with a special promotion focused on its customers: after the third purchase in one of the Disney Corners or in some Disney campaign, clients will get into a new raffle of journey to Disney for the whole family.

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