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Simpsons store will open in China

The first official store will open in China, not Springfield


Surprise! The first official shop of the world's most famous American family, Simpsons, it will be installed in Sprinfield. The Chinese market is a great opportunity and the franchise has not wanted to miss.

"This will be an important year for us as we open our first store Simpson together with our Chinese partners," said Jeffrey Godsick, president of consumer products at 20th Century Fox.

The chosen cities are Beijing and Shanghai, which in June will be stained yellow with the arrival of these celebrities, which this year celebrates its 27th anniversary. The stores will have an area of 250 square meters to accommodate inside more than 200 series products, from clothing to accessories such as covers for mobile. 20h Fox Century expects that between 20% and 50% of all Simpsons merchandising is sold exclusively at these stores.

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