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The Jim Henson Company teams up with new media partners for Doozers

Doozers will air around the globe, including Europe, New Zealand and the UAE


The Jim Henson Company has secured new media partners for its animated pre-school series, Doozers. The company has partnered with France Televisions, RTVE for Clan in Spain, Dreamia in Portugal and AMC Networks International for Canal Panda in Spain.

Doozers will air on TV New Zealand and has been licensed to MediaCorp in Malaysia and Singapore for its Okto Channel, according to Licensing.biz.

In Israel, HOP will be the new home of Doozers, while in the Middle East, the series will be available on Radio Television Brunei and on Emirates Cable TV and Multimedia LLC’s E-Junior.

The Jim Henson Company has appointed consumer products licensing agencies for the brand, including Biplano in France, Spain and Portugal; Active Merchandising International in Germany; Distefano Licensing in Italy, and The Fusion Agency in Australia. Polyband will distribute Doozers DVDs across German-language markets.

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