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What Disney can do with Indiana Jones

A property with a great future


In its quest to buy everything, Disney has acquired the marketing and distribution rights of Indiana Jones, though Paramount will keep the rights of the four existing films and will also participate in future releases. In addition, the character was already owned by Disney, having bought Lucasfilm in 2012.

In the last ten years, Disney has bought the Muppets (2004, over $100 million), Pixar (2006, $7.4 billion), Marvel Entertainment (2009, $4 billion), and Lucasfilm (2012, $4.06 billion).

Disney has relaunched these brands on all screens, especially in the case of Marvel superheroes, and could do the same with Indiana Jones. Harrison Ford may no longer play the character (he is 71 years old), but a fifth movie seems likely, as well as a TV series, the presence of the character and its scenarios in Disney theme parks, and of course, consumer products.
Steven Spielberg already stated that a fifth Indiana Jones instalment should count with Ford, though. Moreover, the fact that Disney also counts with the rights of Star Wars makes even more possible that the actor participates in Episode VII, to be released in 2015.

No wonder this interest in Ford and Indiana Jones – it is the eighteenth highest grossing franchise in history, with nearly $2 billion raised in four instalments, which has merit, considering that the first three are from the 80s and this list shows sales unadjusted for inflation. Indeed, Indi has sold more tickets than the three Toy Story movies, the twelve Star Trek films, and the seven Superman titles.

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