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Market Research


Expectations for 2015 licensed toy

Seasonality will mark the sector


Jesus Diaz, director of Licendising, makes an analysis of what awaits us in 2015: "Expectations for 2015 licensed toy is a title too ambitious and too difficult to take it at face value. However, I will try to give some hints of what we can expect in 2015. "
The overall market remains extremely seasonal in 2015. As for the toys price, it will be between 10 and 20 euros. Price will be a psychological key factor in 2015. Overall, the licensed toy industry should be dominated by the launches of major Disney, Universal, etc. titles, with proposals such as Star Wars, Minions, Inside Out, Finding Dory, Cinderella etc. However, some outsiders may appear as Minecraft or Furchester Hotel.

During 2015 we will see the beginning of the decline of some licenses that have been at the top in recent years. Licenses as Violetta or Peppa Pig will continue to have an important weight during 2015, but as the year goes by their influence will be minor.

Trends for 2015

1. Importance of action figures, probably influenced by Star Wars, Ninja Turtles Minions. This will be the category with greater weight.
2. The category of craft and construction will be very important and will have a significant growth as well in the toy sector.
3. Inside Out, Finding Dory and Cinderella licenses will be vital in the overall balance of the year.

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