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Technology and 'do it yourself': trends in the toy industry

The magazine Express Juguetes B2B presents the main trends of the sector for 2015 based on the opinion of the industry professionals


2014 was characterized by a general stability in sales in the toy industry sales, albeit with some ups and downs depending on the month and the category. According to the vast majority of professionals consulted by the magazine Express Juguetes B2B, for both manufacturers and retailers, the toy market has been stable .

One of the trends that the toy industry professionals highlighted is the continued incorporation of new technologies in all kind of toys, which leads to more sophisticated and products to answers the children’s needs. As Luis Berbegal (Injusa) explains: "Electronic toys and licensed articles will grow, two trends that provide value and differentiation in the industry". Jose Antonio Pastor, from the AEFJ, adds: "The renewal of the classic toys by incorporating the latest is a trend that will continue to increase. "

According to Maria Costa, from AIJU, the main trends could be summarized as it follows:
1. Technology. Toy companies must understand how to incorporate technology to their products. Nevertheless, we will have to see how this trend evolves and how the professionals integrate it without being overcome by it.
2. Crafts, (Do it Yourself). Proposals for creative toys are also a trend. Many proposals will be developed in this direction.
3. Customization / personalization at different levels still show interesting initiatives from 3D printers to other proposals via online devices.

For the full article you can consult the latest issue of Express Juguetes B2B.

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