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"In the toy industry we will see the emergence of smartphones for children"

Interview with Ignacio Gaspar, CEO of Toy Planet


Toy Planet was founded in 1988 as a cooperative and in 1996 the brand with the same name was created. Since 2003 the group decided to make a quantum jump (by reaching the autonomous communities in which it had no presence), as well as a qualitative jump (by prioritizing the consolidation of the channel brand and by creating other brands, which at present sum 13).

- How did the toy industry evolve in 2014?
We cannot yet speak of recovery as such, but there are signs that make us a little optimistic in this Christmas campaign.

- What factors have been decisive in these results?

At the macro level the numbers are less negative, and the slight improvement in the consumer confidence proves it. On the other hand, internally we keep doing the promotions and actions that allow the consumer to see that Toy Planet is always there with something different to offer.

- How is the Christmas season and Reyes presented?
I think it will be a campaign that will end with a slight increase of sales. In terms of strategies, it is important to have interesting and honest offers and a balanced assortment, as well as a good communication with the public.

- What categories of toys will have greater demand during the campaign?

Dolls and Action Figures will be important, with titles based on films and television series. On the other hand, classic brands like Lego and Playmobil will remain.

- What impact will the licensed toy have on the Christmas season?

It will be in line with last year. Frozen, Ninja Turtles, Spiderman, Avengers and Peppa Pig will be the protagonists. As for properties, Lego, Playmobil, Nancy and Pinypon will also have success.

- What do the parents value the most when buying present for their kids?
Toy Planet has conducted a study this year with 1,000 families and what parents value the most when choosing a toy is the recommended age; the toy quality; and the price.

- How do you think the industry will evolve next year?
We will see some recovery. However, our industry faces a major challenge beyond the economic situation: the lowering of birth and the age to play.

- What are the key trends we will see in the toy market?
More links with the electronic world, the emergence of smartphones for children, and new cinema titles.

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