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“The distinction Origin gives us the strength to distinguish us from the Asiatic competence”

Interview to César Bernabéu, manager of the company Berjuan


Five companies from the manufacturing dolls sector have got together in order to create the ‘Círculo de Fabricantes de Muñecas de Onil’ and present the brand or distinction Origin, which works for the quality, tradition, authenticity and exclusivity of the dolls manufactured in Onil (Alicante), birthplace of the doll manufacturing since the XIX century. César Bernabéu, manager of the company Berjuan, tells us how the companies will handle this challenge and will let the world know their products. The complete interview is available in the February/March Juguetes B2B magazine.

- Which are the main goals that the companies have determined?
- Our short-term objective is become a referent in the field of doll manufacturing and, as well, that the town of Onil, birthplace of this kind of manufacturers, gets the recognition that it deserves since a long time.

- Which are the challenges you have to handle?

- Obviously, we are talking about the union of five manufacturers that share everything since the beginning, so the most important challenge is get this to be the beginning of a long future in which we realize that together and as partners, we have a lot to win compared with if we treat each other as competence.
    In short-term, we want to fulfil the distinction Origin to be a recognized brand, not only by the distribution, but also by the final public. This way, people will know that they are acquiring a product created 100% in Onil, and which has got a very demanding qualities, as well as a tradition in our industry. Without forgetting the topic of the security, in which we are more demanding everyday.

- What do you think about the situation of the Dolls category?
- The Doll is a classic toy, so it is essential in concrete moments such as Christmas or the birthdays. However, don’t miss the question that the doll gets in terms of education, with a lot of essential values when talking about the children education: from the love to the distinction of races and sexes, something that just a few toys get to. The doll is everyday a more important figure, not only as a toy, but also as an educational tool. We have to take advantage of all these values as well as showing them to the world in order to not to miss market quote and find new channels.

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