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"The Spanish toy industry will continue to pursue exporting to other markets"

Interview to Daniel Rossinés, CEO of Comansi


  Comansi was founded in 1962 with the aim of offering a full range of toys that allow children to develop their learning capacities by playing. Its products are aimed at an audience of kids between 5 and 14 years old, who are especially attracted to not articulated figures that may enhance their imagination. Daniel Rossinés, CEO of Comansi, says: "We have made conservative implementations and we look forward to the consumers response”

- How did the toy industry evolve in 2014?

There has been a slight recovery of the toy industry in comparison to 2012 and 2013, where the decline of the sector was very important. In terms of customers, they remain very cautious in their purchases.

- What about your company?

2014 has been a good year for us thanks to some licenses that have worked well. In addition, we have improved our exports to other markets outside the Spanish territory.
- How the Christmas season and Reyes is presented?

The Christmas season increasingly begins later and the implementations are more cautious. Customers make small purchases and do not order products until they know the response in the market of that product. Accordingly we've done conservative implementations and we look forward to the response of the consumer towards our products.
- What strategies have been implemented to face the boost sales during this period?

We have greatly enhanced the communication with the consumer, both through advertising campaigns and actions at the point of sale.

- Do you consider that the existing supply of toy is too large?
It is clear that there is more supply of toys and licenses, which diversifies even more the demand. Nevertheless is noteworthy that licenses always stand above the rest. This year, for example, Frozen’s products are a safe bet.
- How does your company adapt to changes in the distribution and consumption habits?
We anticipated our production; we always try to have the feedback of our sales network and customers before prioritizing some products above others, so we reduce the risk. We usually do short runs and tight, that help us not run high risks and adapt to the demand.
- What impact will the licensed toy have on the Christmas season?

Clearly the licensed product has a fundamental role in the market, not only in Christmas season but throughout the year.
- How do you think the industry will evolve next year?
I think it will grow. It is clear that next year will not equal to the years of great consumption as it was the case 10 years ago, but I think we will witness some recovering.
- What are the key trends we see in the toy market?
I think the market will continue to pursue exporting to to other markets and focusing on top licenses. The industry will also try to release new, attractive and differentiated products at a competitive price.

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