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Tomy expects to grow in 2015 with its own brands and Disney-Pixar licensed products

Interview with Jordi Benages, sales and marketing manager Iberia


  Tomy was founded in 2006 after the merge of Tomy and Takara, two Japanese companies founded in 1924 and 1955, respectively. In 2011 it acquired the US toy company RC2 Corporation. Currently, the company has two sales divisions: toys and childcare. For 2015, Tomy expects an important growth thanks to the consolidation of its own classic brands and new products based on its two new Disney-Pixar licenses.

In your opinion, how was the performance of the Spanish toy industry in the last Christmas campaign?

Despite some data pointing at a growth, the general opinion in the sector is that the turnover of the campaign has been significantly lower than the previous year. Therefore, we can not speak of a brilliant campaign, but, as always happens in a stabilized or downward market, there is always someone who gets good results for various reasons.

What goals has set the company for the Iberian market in 2015? Both in its toys and childcare divisions.

Our goal for 2015 is an important growth due to the consolidation of our own brands in toys and childcare, as well as the important contribution of the new licenses based on two new Disney-Pixar films.

This year you are licensees of the new Disney-Pixar "Inside Out". How do you expect products based on this film to develop in the market?

We are planning to launch products based on the film "Inside Out" in summer, and the ones based on the film "The Good Dinosaur" in autumn. Both films have a magnificent toy line catalogue, based on characters from the movies, as well as good accessories. These releases will be strongly supported by all means for their launches, as usual in such blockbusters, and subsequent consolidation in the market during the next months.
Do you plan to start with new product categories? Which ones and for what purpose?

We will maintain our current classic categories of products such as Lamaze, Tomy Primera Infancia y Baño, Farm, John Deere Preschool and Pocket Money, as well as Dinosaur Train and Chuggington's licenses. In childcare, The First Years, Boon, JJ Cole and Disney Baby.

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