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AIJU create antiseptic 3D printed toys

These toys are more hygienic and seems to be made of wood


The Technological Institute of Child Product and Leisure (AIJU) has developed new strands to be processed through 3D printing technology incorporating antiseptic properties, making them particularly interesting for use in toys for community use such as that given in playgrounds, day care or, more importantly, in children's hospital wards. This property increases the hygiene of toys. The filaments can simulate toys made of wood and give each object a look similar to imitate.

This research aims AMFab project whose objective is to obtain an integrated advanced manufacturing of functional parts and / or customized for each industrial sector system, obtained by FDM (Fused deposition modeling or melt deposition model - one of the technologies 3D printing). Francisco Valera, technical project manager at AIJU indicates "Currently, the manufacture of products using traditional techniques carries a high cost. However, the introduction of 3D printing techniques allow customization of a particular user by the toy, and even giving it a royal look such as a wood or antiseptic for use in specific environments. "

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