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Australia boasts the world’s first highest spend-per-child on toys

Euromonitor projections show that spend-per-child on toys increased last year


According to the latest projections by Euromonitor, Australia boasts the world's first highest spend-per-child on toys and video games. UK, meanwhile, would stand in second place, reaching 550 pounds of expenditure per child. The British shopper spent 508 pounds on average in toys per child in 2013. However, Australian consumers were spending 555 pounds per child that year.

Thus, Euromonitor projections show that spendi-per-child on toys rose last year to reach 600 and 550 pounds in Australia and the UK, respectively. All it followed by Japan (504 pounds), Germany (497 pounds) and Hong Kong (478 pounds).

On the other hand, North America, Western Europe and Australia have the highest spending on games and toys world by the middle class, "“Middle class households are very important to the toys and games industry because they largely drive consumer spending." Euromonitor said in the report. However, Euromonitor adds that "although the middle class in emerging markets is seeing rapid expansion, purchasing power remains low.”

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