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Catan celebrates its 20th anniversary

Devir Iberia will launch a special edition to commemorate this date


The board game Catan, a benchmark among modern games and Eurogames, turns 20 in 2015. In 1995, the German Klaus Teuber published with the publishing firm Kosmos the game Die Siedler von Catan, a game of resource management where diplomacy and player strategy are essential to victory. 

The same year of its launch in 1995, Catan won the Spiel des Jahres award, which recognizes the best game of the year in Germany; the Deutscher Spiele Preis, the award for the Best Family Game and adults; and the Essener Feder - Beste Spielregel, the award for the best book of rules. 

Catan currently is sold in over 40 countries and is played in over 30 different languages ​​(including Catalan, Spanish and Euskera to be added soon). In late September 2014, over 20 million copies of Catan were sold worldwide including expansions, extensions and electronic versions. 

The company Devir Iberia is the publisher of the version of this game in Spanish, Catalan and Portuguese. Devir introduced Catan in Spain in 2001 and is currently one of the most successful games of the company with total sales of over 200,000 units and 15 references of Catan in the catalogue. To commemorate the 20th anniversary of Catan, Devir has produced a special limited edition: Catan-The ancient Egypt, which will be available for sale from October 6.

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