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Chinese traditional toy exports grow 26% in November

Sales exceed $980 million


China’s traditional toys exports saw a 26.64% year-on-year increase in November 2013 with an export volume of $980 million, according to the China Toy & Juvenile Products Association.

These exports include dolls, educational toys, puzzles, electric trains and toy musical instruments, among other products. Those items representing animals topped the ranking list with exports of $156 million, up by 9.16% year on year, taking 15.93% of the total; toys sets amounted to $98.46 million, up 72.97% year on year; toys and models with motor reached $103.21 million, up 22.97% year on year.

Among all the export destinations, the U.S. ($369.4 million), Hong Kong ($73.98 million), and Japan ($60.5 million) topped the ranking.

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