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Famosa is awarded thanks to the innovation

The Spanish toy company is recognized by ‘Índice de la Cultura de la Innovación’


‘Índice de la Cultura y la Innovación’ (Culture and Innovation Index) is an annual scale, organized by Asociación Española para la Calidad (AEC), which pretends to give the deserved recognition to the Spanish companies which invest in terms of innovation. After applying the study, AEC concluded that, overall, the Spanish corporations surpass the “approved” in innovation, reaching 3,22 points out of 5.

In the Índice de la Cultura de la Innovación (ICI) presentation date, people could met the first recognitions to the assistant companies, divided in segments for its size and number of employers. The toy company located in Onil sees the innovation as one of the most important topics, as well as the actualisation of their products, at the same time as they try to maintain the toy tradition that has walked with the company for more than 60 years.

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