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Famosa opens an online store

The company offers all the toys from its catalogue at market prices


Famosa has opened an online store, aiming to strengthen "the digital dimension of its business in a key initiative in the long term strategy of the company," according to a statement in which the firm also explains that this initiative is part its digital transformation strategy that looks to improve the service offered to its customers. This digital strategy included opening a new blog in 2013 and the growing presence on social networks.

This shop, done in collaboration with Ydral Ebusiness Solutions, is designed for parents that wants to appeal to children, and it is "intuitive, simple, and integrates the five major brands in one web" (Nenuco, Feber, Nancy, Pinypon and Barriguitas, plus a section on other brands).

This store is already operational in Spain and offers all the products of the 2014 catalogue, including photos, videos, and reviews of toys. It contains as well an outlet section. Also, consumers will find in this online store the same promotions available in traditional stores, and online product prices will be aligned with market prices.

For Famosa, this online shop is "a complementary channel to improve the shopping experience through simplicity and usability, while making possible a closer contact with the customer."

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