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Fisher-Price and Shakira launch an app for first-time parents

Grow parenting is an app which counts with activities and more than 2000 advices


The brand Fisher-Price, a Mattel’s property, and the known singer Shakira get together in order to launch an application which pretends to help first-time and novice parents who have got doubts about their children growing.

Grow Parenting is a bilingual app, already available, which offers a huge range of activities that promote the kids develop, as well as more than 2000 advices. As a mother involved in different social-cause projects, the singer decided to collaborate with the best partner as possible for the creation of something which is a play instrument, but also an educational tool. This way, she got in touch with the preschooler toy brand and founded what she was searching for: “we both were agree in the fact that they had to be an information tool for the parents or carers”, told Shakira.

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