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IAmElemental re-interpret traditional female action figures

The new figures encompass an emotion or characteristic such as Enthusiasm or Honesty


  IAmElemental is a company started by two mothers who wanted to re-interpret the traditional female action figure. Each toy encompasses a characteristic or emotion such as Persistence, Industry, Honesty, Enthusiasm, and even Fear. The action figures were created in response to the lack of positive action figures that young girls could play with, and the fact that the majority of female action figures having inappropriate appearances geared more towards men rather than young girls and boys.

IAmElemental figures are marketed as an alternative or expansion on princesses and dolls. The action figures are meant to expand play and give girls another option for playing with toys.

The company is the toy market's sole producer of collectible action figures designed specifically for girls. New York City-based IAmElemental envisions girls as the creators of a play experience in which they are the active agents in a story of their own design, inviting them to develop their character by playing with the "Elements of Power".

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