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Lego’s benefit increases 31%

The company sales has grown 25%


Thanks to the success of its new videogame Dimensions, the net benefit of the Danish company Lego has grown 31%, till reaching the 9.200 million crowns. Moreover, the company sales increased 25%, arriving the 35.8000 million crowns. From Lego they announce that “sales grown a two digit tax in all the regions, including the United States, faster than the whole toy industry, which in is majority, is situated in the mid digit range”.

The company increasing was driven by the new products sales, such as the game Lego Dimension, which combines the traditional bricks construction with a console game. Furthermore, we have to add the success of Lego Star Wars and Lego Friens, who of the most sell lines. With the growing in its net benefit, the company is situated in the second position of the toy companies world ranking, only after the toy giant Mattel, the Barbie manufacturer. The Lego company has been increasing in the last years, investing, specially, in its presence in the Asiatic continent.

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